There was a flair of competition in the air. Students from different schools were present striving to place first in the event. Holding my boomilever and mousetrap car, I felt a sense of unease yet confidence at the same time. At that moment, the countless hours I spent designing, building, testing and repeating the process flashed before my eyes. The thought brought in a jumble of feeling felt during the process filled with both frustration and satisfaction. This created a sense of accomplishment. and renewed confidence in my decision to study mechanical engineering.

There was a flair of competition in…

I enter my taekwondo dojo stepping on the firm mat. The journey has been long and has taught me lessons on self-defense and agility. On top of that, I also learned highly valuable lessons on integrity, perseverance, and the effect of teaching has on learning.

I began to practice my kicking combinations with all the fancy jumps. I still can’t forget the day I saw Mr. Dent, (at least a 4th-degree black belt) my instructor, practicing basic white belt kicks in his free time. This made his higher ranking kicks look more polished afterwards. From that day, I started noticing…

Tanmay mittal

College Student

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